Symantec endpoint not updating

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I am trying to update Windows 10 "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607." The update failed due to the error "These programs need to be uninstalled because they aren't compatible with the upgrade - Symantec Endpoint Protection".

I would like to update Windows 10 without uninstalling Symantec. I'm not really sure what your question is, because a) you haven't actually asked one, and b) you've answered it anyway.

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I found today same issue updated live update manually and then scan etc, it is showing yesterday.s date, should I uninstall and reinstall and see what happens again.

do not want to keep doing this, or is there a workaround.

I know there was a discussion around a tool to do this but cannot find reference to Symantec relasing one

You can always download teh latest definitions to a USB drive or other media and sneakernet them to the system.

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