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Point being, at this stage, the Rocco Di Spirito seared into most people's memories is that of the perpetual C-list middlebrow food celebrity renting-to-own in fame's outer suburbs. He could've contributed, perhaps significantly, to the art form. He came into prominence at the exact moment mainstream celebrity became an option for chefs, and he chose celebrity. When we look at Rocco, are we looking at an American success story, or a tragic narrative of talent wasted?But 20 years ago, with the launch of his restaurant Union Pacific, he was the culinary world's shining star, a critical darling with the right amount of talent and charm and angular cheekbones to forever leave his lightning bolt-shaped mark on the American culinary world's forehead. Rocco Di Spirito hopped on fame's hamster wheel, and Rocco Di Spirito has been running on that wheel ever since. Shouldn't I, like most consumers of American pop culture, revel in seeing a once-dignified person debased on television? Because the fact is, Union Pacific was one of the first truly nonpareil meals I'd ever eaten. And as a lover of said food, I struggle -- truly struggle -- with trying to understand Rocco's refusal to cook. What if Thelonious Monk quit jazz to write toilet bowl cleaner ad jingles?Through shows like “Rocco’s Dinner Party” on Bravo, “Restaurant Divided” on Food Network and “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC, he has shown weight-conscious food lovers they no longer have to deprive themselves to get in shape.It’s a well-known fact that having a way with food is a universally sexy quality, so it’s no surprise that celebrity chefs get their fair share of celebrity tail.His childhood home was located at 148-01 90th Avenue, a ramshackle house that looks like it was airdropped into the neighborhood from Long Island, nestled between the massive Hillside Gardens apartment complex and the NY Civil Court building, equidistant from the green lawns surrounding the King Manor museum and the snaking train tracks of Jamaica Station.

A Xanax'd look of nearly thoughtless euphoria crosses his face, his already shrouded eyes squint, and he performs a series of moves so natural that they recall every practice-driven cliché spilled from the lips of Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Lee. Rocco Di Spirito, who is just over 50, might be the most talented American chef alive at this very moment.Di Spirito attended Boston University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business in 1990.Before and after: Celebrity chef Rocco Di Spirito has told how he managed to lose 41lbs by ditching his unhealthy lifestyle, which saw him eat up to ten entrees during tasting sessions and drink 'too much alcohol''First off, it isn’t healthy. Even 1,200 calories is low for the average women who is engaging in any sort of moderate-intensity excercise.Sure you will lose weight, but at what cost mentally and physically?Dishes featured in Mr Di Spirito's plan include salmon teriyaki with grapefruit which stacks up to 200 calories and an egg-white omelet with reduced-fat cheddar cheese which rings in at only 70 calories.

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