Dating pregnancy late ovulation

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My doctor told me it wasn't viable and I didn't believe him and thought he was being insensitive. Nurse on the phone was positive, the doctor at my next visit was negative. Well, 32 days came Feb 14 for me (started Jan 13) and no period, no positive pregnancy test. My first pregnancy they told me I ovulated "late" too (even though I think it's my normal) and pushed my due date back 1 week. Mine started doubling every 48 hours but slowed down to 72 or more. It's so hard to say because every pregnancy is different. I was able to see the babies heartbeat at 5 weeks 6 days. They're seeing me early because of my previous miscarriage.

I had slow rising hcg until around 6 weeks when I finally miscarried. I tested all week, no positive result and no period. On the 29th my levels were 66, and a confirmed pregnancy. I think my due date will be pushed back several weeks, this time. I took a pregnancy test on 3/10 because I couldn't wait any longer. They drew blood on 3/11 and my HCG levels were at 18. I actually went through an ivf cycle so I know the exact date that I should be. Does anyone know what hcg levels I should be looking for at this point? I thought hpts generally only read positive when hcg was above 25..? My doctor called me personally because he was concerned, but when I told him I was only 12 dpo he said it was probably fine. You just need to make sure it's doubling, that's what's important! Nurse seemed concerned when she called Bc I had 2 chemical/miscarriages last fall.

We held several “pow-wows” calculating the numbers to see if it made sense for me to have ovulated about every 36 to 38 days for two months, instead of the normal 28 days and in our particular situation (thankfully), that turned out to be just the case.

So, 11 days later we were thrilled to see a MUCH larger baby and our miscarriage scare ended up being just that, a scare.

Today doctors use a mathematical formula to calculate your baby’s projected due date, which is almost entirely based on a 28-day ovulation cycle (which starts from the first day of your last menstrual period: REMEMBER THAT DATE).

and she didnt really give me an answer as to how far I was after this so it could be 4w and some odd days or 5 weeks. So your scan may show you at like 6w5d or something, but not 5w.

They add two weeks before you ovulated to your gestational age, which is different from fetal age/time since ovulation. my first pregnancy, based on LMP I was due Nov 5 but at my first ultrasound I measured 7w5d with a due date of November 10.

At my first prenatal visit they always go by your LMP, which was Oct 31.

I have an ultrasound scheduled this Friday which would put me at 7 weeks and 2 days.

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